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Do I need online banking to have mobile deposit?

Yes. You need to be enrolled in Online Banking and have downloaded the mobile banking application. The instructions on how to download the mobile application are available on the Bank website under Products & Services when you select Personal Banking. Please contact a banker to get enrolled in Online Banking if you are not already.

Are there limits to mobile deposit?

Yes. The check limit is $1,000 and the daily deposit limit is $2,500.

I already have the mobile banking app. Why can't I make a deposit?

You need to be activated by a personal banker. Just call or e-mail a banker and they will be able to activate your mobile capture functionality on the mobile banking application and you will see it next time you log into the mobile application.

How do I sign up for mobile deposit?

This is either done at the same time as when Online Banking is being established or by contacting a personal banker as instructed above for activation of current enrollees. 

How does mobile deposit work?

There is a tutorial video on the bank website that can be accessed from the Personal Banking page or also through the Online Education Center under the Tools section. This video is for all mobile banking. If you select “Application: Deposit Checks” on the left-hand side, it will give you specific instructions on how to make a deposit with mobile capture. The link to the video can be found by clicking here